I was born in the jungle
 With the sickening smell of cinnamon in the air
 I was born in a white hole and I can't believe the colors here today
 Stalk on a circle
 Well I've never been blessed with elephant's memory
 Riding a red line nowhere
 If it takes 40 years for the gun to be paid for
 If it takes 40 years I'll put the money away
 If it takes 40 years to get the things that I need sir
 If it takes 40 years I'll walk the thunder and the rain
 I was born in a good home
 Where the rising cost of raising children
 Was not a factor and you can't believe the things it does to me
 I'm filled with the white noise
 Well I never did much of anything anyway
 Jump on a big train no where
 I wanna buy me a good heart, and a conscience,
 and maybe raise some children
 I wanna get me a good wife,
 and a garden, garden, garden, garden.
 Wanna start me a new life with a six foot color television-
 Wanna start me a new life somewhere.
 I was born on a warm night
 On the right coast, of southeastern America.
 Dead on arrival, but you can't believe the things you hear today.
 I'll fly me a white plane over
 water -over blue and green and land in the ocean somewhere.

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Counting crows
Adam DuritzAdam Duritz (Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Harmonica)

Dan VickreyDan Vickrey (Guitar, Vocals)

David ImmergluckDavid Immergluck (Guitar, Vocals)

Charlie GillinghamCharlie Gillingham (Hammond organ, accordion, piano, keyboards)

Millard PowersMillard Powers (bass guitar, drums, mandolin, piano, vocals)
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