Across a Wire - Live in New York City
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Дата релиза: 1998 год.

Disc 1 
01. Round Here 
02. Have You Seen Me Lately? 
03. angels of the silences 
04. Catapult 
05. Mr. Jones 
06. Rain King 
07. Mercury 
08. Ghost Train 
09. Anna Begins
Disc 2 
01. Recovering The Satellites        
02. Angels Of The Silences 
03. Rain King 
04. Sullivan Street 
05. Children In Bloom 
06. Have You Seen Me Lately?
07. Raining In Balitmore 
08. Round Here 
09. I'm Not Sleeping 
10. A Murder of One 
11. A Long December 
12. Walkaways
Counting crows
Adam DuritzAdam Duritz (Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Harmonica)

Dan VickreyDan Vickrey (Guitar, Vocals)

David ImmergluckDavid Immergluck (Guitar, Vocals)

Charlie GillinghamCharlie Gillingham (Hammond organ, accordion, piano, keyboards)

Millard PowersMillard Powers (bass guitar, drums, mandolin, piano, vocals)
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