• 18-05-2007
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Dated May 18, 2007 - Greenwich Village, NYC
Hey, it's Adam, I just wanted to let all our fans know that Counting Crows will hit the road this summer on a tour of America's baseball parks. We're starting on July 22nd in Wilmington, DE at Daniel S. Frawley Stadium, the Home of the Blue Rocks. We're gonna hit 23 different ballyards all across the country (they're all listed below), mostly in smaller towns.
  • 30-08-2006
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We are happy to present to you in it's entirety the show recorded on 8.12.06 is Holmdel NJ. But first a word from Adam...
I know many of you were inconvenienced by our cancellations in Bethel and Scranton. I also know that, even though ticket refunds were available if you wanted them, a refund only goes so far in making up for a cancelled show. Some of you traveled distances, some of you spent money on hotels and planes (money you can't get back), and some of you were just disappointed to miss the show.
  • 30-06-2006
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Our very own David Immergluck and his band, Monks of Doom have released a new cd. It will be available at the merchandise booths on the tour and also online at Magnetic Records.
  • 22-06-2006
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I just wanted to post a little note to remind everyone of the Community Outreach Project's partnership this summer with USA Harvest. The following is my sister's press release concerning the summer food drive:
  • 21-06-2006
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Hope to see you out on the road this summer!

We'd like to point your attention our Community Outreach Program

  • 19-06-2006
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CountingCrows.com now has a brand new membership level! The Counting Crows Premium Membership gets you all the benefits of the Community level of membership, plus a Fan Club Exclusive Gift Pack!

If you are not a member of CountingCrows.com yet, join now and sign up for the new Premium Membership! Check below for details on the Exclusive Gift Pack:

  • 11-06-2006
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Amazing concert gallery of 133 photos - Voodoo Music Fest of 20.06.02. One great song from Flying Demos album - Lightning. If you didn't hear it before - listen now, it's brilliant! I posted song 25.06.05. And also I uploaded to my server one Counting Crows video -  All My Friends. Enjoy!
  • 22-05-2006
  • Views: 882
I've added full song Holiday In Spain for Airis of 21.04.05 and special for Killy who don't like one of the most amazing Counting Crows songs - Mr. Jones I've posted acoustic version of this song which was recorded on VH1 Storytellers and was include to "Across A Wire" album.
  • 25-04-2006
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New section in photoalbum - Photos of Adam Duritz from life. And the first three galleries there: Gallery #1 (30 photo), Adam in hat (8 photo) and Adam and Cracker (9 photo). I've updated gallery Accidentally in Love added 17 shoots from DVD Shrek2. [Other updates only for Russian version]
  • 23-03-2006
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Today for you 10 nice avatars (you can use their as userpics or icons in LiveJornal or on forums and boards) made by Ann (snowapples).
And just now I've done another update in the middle of day. In MP3 downloads section I've added 5 full songs
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