Monks Of Doom Cd Now Available
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Our very own David Immergluck and his band, Monks of Doom have released a new cd. It will be available at the merchandise booths on the tour and also online at Magnetic Records.


A note from Immy:


Yo, Teeny Boppers and Music-Lusters...get with the fractured mosaic that is Monks Of Doom's "What's Left For Kicks?" - a long stewed over labour of love compiling psychotic interpretations of songs that have influenced Bindi Boy and his unwholesome compadres.

100 points and a dream date with Immy to the 1st person to name all the original sources!


Monks of Doom - What's Left for Kicks?


1. The 15th (Newman)

2. Light In The Sky (Hillage/Giraudy)

3. Forever (Harper)

4. New Saigon (Pell Mell)

5. No Looking Back (Bramah/Baines)

6. The Calvary Cross (Thompson)

7. Oh Well pt.1 (Green)

8. Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening (Hopper)

9. "La Dolce Vita" Suite: a)The Black And Crazy Blues (Kirk) b)Parlami di me (Amurri/Rota) c)La Dolce Vita (Verde/Rota)

10. King Kong (Davies)

11. Hurricane Fighter Plane (Cunningham/Thompson/Barthelme)

12. Calvary (Duncan)

13. Poison (Jansch)

14. Moon In June (Wyatt)

15. Fur Immer (Dinger/Rother)

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