Fanclub Exclusive (mostly) - PNC Broadcast
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We are happy to present to you in it's entirety the show recorded on 8.12.06 is Holmdel NJ. But first a word from Adam...

I know many of you were inconvenienced by our cancellations in Bethel and Scranton. I also know that, even though ticket refunds were available if you wanted them, a refund only goes so far in making up for a cancelled show. Some of you traveled distances, some of you spent money on hotels and planes (money you can't get back), and some of you were just disappointed to miss the show.

We know this won't make up for all that but we wanted to try and do something for you anyways. It's a small thing but we hope you'll enjoy it.

The show at the PNC in Holmdel, NJ was not your everyday show. It came at the end of a very difficult week for all of us. The week began with news of a very scary personal tragedy looming on my horizon, continued with an illness in the band that forced 2 gig cancellations, and ended with the shocking news that a close friend of ours had suddenly and completely unexpectedly passed away. So by the time we hit the stage Saturday, we were in a sort of shambles. We were ALL glad to be playing again. I KNOW I was. But emotionally, we were all in a strange place. The setlist we chose isn't your normal setlist. There's a lot of acoustic songs, there's some covers, and there's some songs (at least one) most of you have probably never seen us play live before. So it's a weird show. But, and I know you've heard me say this many times before, it's the show we wanted to play.

I haven't actually listened to the recording. At the very least, it's unique and we want to share it with all of you. I know it won't necessarily make up for the cancellations but we hope you enjoy it anyway. It's a moment. For the band, it's a show we'll probably never forget just because of the circumstances. I'm hoping it's something rare that you can treasure too.

It just occurred to me that it's possible it sucks. After all this build-up, that would actually be kind of funny. Well, either way, we're putting the whole concert up on the site in streaming audio. I hope those of you who couldn't be in NJ can close your eyes and enjoy the show as if you were.

Unless it sucks.


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