Eastlake OH - Buy a ticket, bring a friend!
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Want to bring your closest friend, neighbor or relative to show them why you rave about Counting Crows live shows? We've got an amazing deal for all of those fans attending the Eastlake, OH show. When you buy a ticket for this show, you will receive an additional ticket for FREE! For those of you who have already bought tickets through the fanclub, you're also eligible for free tickets. Want to know how to get in on this amazing deal?

Just show up to the Stadium box office on the day of the show and purchase one ticket, and they'll give you an additional ticket FREE. If you've already purchased a ticket, just show them your original ticket at the box office and they will give you an additional ticket. And because K-Rock is helping us with this ticket giveaway, we really hope you show up to the box office wearing your favorite K-Rock Shirt, sticker or other swag as a thank you! Tickets are limited so make sure you show up early to get your hands on this amazing offer.

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