Counting Crows Launch!
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Counting Crows Brings the Music Back to the Fans!

Counting Crows has dedicated itself to bringing the music back to the fans this year. First came the free downloads of "1492" and "When I Dream of Michelangelo".  Then came the unprecedented release of video footage to make your own video. 

Now, we're giving you the opportunity to download quality live soundboard recordings.  Counting Crows is excited to bring you  And to celebrate, we're giving a FREE SHOW to the first 10,000 fans.  The show was taped from the beginning of our summer tour in Charlotte, NC on July 28th.

What exactly is  Well, its a place to download and purchase shows, but its so much more than that.  Its your new resource for the entire live concert experience.  While you're looking through our show catalog, you'll be able to post your review of a show, make a compilation of your favorite songs and even buy gift certificates for your family and friends. is designed with both the serious collector and new fan alike.  Each show is available in FLAC files for those of you who want the ultimate in audio quality, and MP3 for those of you who want easy files that you can listen to from the moment you download the files.  All downloads come with CD booklet and labels for you to print in the comfort of your own home.  For those of you who want us to do all the work, you can purchase a CD option which will send the disc, complete with artwork right to your doorstep.

What shows will be available?  Every show from July 28, 2008 forward will be available on  Most shows will be up within 72 hours of the show.  In addition, we'll be releasing shows from our archives periodically throughout the year.  Make sure to sign up for our mailing list so you'll be the first to know when we release shows. 

So why are you still reading this?  Head over to download the very first FREE show we're releasing.  The setlist is incredible.  Listen to the new songs off of "Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings" played live as well as your old favorites like "Up All Night" and "Rain King".  Groove along to an 11 minute version of "A Murder of One".  From the first notes of "Angels of the Silences" to the last notes of "Walkaways" you'll find yourself thinking you're actually at the show. 

And check out the first few shows we have available for download.  You asked for more live music and we listened, so its time for you to listen to all of the Counting Crows shows you could ever imagine.

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