The Greybird Foundation
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Counting Crows established the GreyBird Foundation because we believe America is a dream in which the thoughts and needs of each and every person matter. Unfortunately, people feel small as the world expands and they forget that they ARE America.

So we find the people down the street from you who are trying to do their part to help and we try and help THEM. Get involved with the idea of being involved people. After all, it's your town, your country, your world, and no one will ever make as much of a difference as you can just by waking up and being a part of it.

Counting Crows would like to invite you to take part in our ebay auctions to support the Greybird Foundation. Click to see what's available and to make your bid today. Some of the items include: signed cds, tickets, tour merchandise, instruments and so much more. All proceeds benefit the Greybird Foundation. For More information visit:

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