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The latest photos (March 31, 2005 in New York City) of Adam from premiere Night of "Doubt" at the Walter Kerr Theater.

 - Updated in public photogalleries. And one new with three absolutely amazing photos: Premiere of "Angels in America" at the Ziegfeld Theatre. Also I added: Two good photos with the full band from 77th Academy Awards "Oscar", LA — one, two. Three in Premiere of "Shrek 2", Westwood, CA, USA — one, two, three. And for one in Los Angeles premiere of "Saved", CA, USA and 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards, Beverly Hills, CA — one and one.

 - And again some photos from concerts. I've posted gallery from Hammerstein Ballroom - New York, NY. Pretty nice photos and Adam in white trousers is... cute ;)

- In public gallery photos from latest "event", which was 22nd March. See The Glass Menagerie Play Opening Party.

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