Today I've updated many of already existence gallerie
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Today I've updated many of already existence galleries. See replenishment in 77th Academy Awards "Oscar", LA gallery - I've addaed 14 amazing photos in exellent quality! Two funny pics in Premiere of "Shrek 2", Westwood, CA, USA, four in 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards, Beverly Hills, CA and one in 77th Academy Awards Luncheon, Beverly Hills, CA. And also one new small gallery, but from Oscar party too - W Magazine Oscar Suite - Day 2.

 - I've added 30 new nice avatars for forums, live journals, etc. See in Avatars and collages section.

- Latest photos from 77th Academy Awards "Oscar".

 - Sad news from Mett:
"I just wanted to tell everyone that Matt has left the band. After fifteen years together, he's leaving to do his own thing. I know you'll all be tempted to try and put a bad face on this. Please don't. We've all been friends for a really long time. This stuff just happens. We love Matt and we hope the rest of his artistic life is as amazing as the fifteen years we spent together.

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