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and therefore I wanted to capture Adam's expressions. See here: page 1, page 2 and page 3.

 - MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody!! I wish you have a Good Time and good hollydays. I present to you a small gift - full nice song Goin' Down To New York Town from "Mr. Deeds" Soundtrack. Enjoy!

 - Updates in Photos section. In these weekends I've bought 2 DVD with collection of best videos of various artists. And Counting Crows were among them. Today I've made and posted caps from video Big Yellow Taxi. Good pics!

 - Download full song Colorblind. Special for Veldt of 18.12.04. He wanted to hear this song so much! And asked me add 8 times. I've post song.

 - I've added two full songs in MP3 downloads section. There are Raining In Baltimore and If I Could Give All My Love. For Sunbeam by her order of 15.12.04.

- The first update! I've posted full song Butterfly In Reverse in MP3 downloads section. Special for Killy of 13.12.04. It's her order.

- Long-awaited opening of the site!! At last it's completed. All works for your attention. I think, I managed to realize all ingenious ideas, and I hope, this site won't disappoint you. Successful viewing!

- Designing, development of design, mastering, translating, creation of a content of the site.

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